Telecommunication engineer by profession, he currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

His interest in photography arose in year 2000 derived mainly from his passion for nature and mountains. After a great deal of deceptions trying to show pictures of the places he has visited to his friends and family he committed to discover the secrets behind those great pictures of the masters so he can better share his feelings and visions about the magic of nature.

All he knows about photography comes from three great photographers: Oriol Alamany, John Shaw and Galen Rowell.

The first one, help him to establish the fundamentals about nature photography, the second one showed him to develop the technical and artistic side and with Galen Rowell he discovered his personal style, the kind of pictures that touch his chord, landscape photography combined with dramatic, rare and colourful light.

Although he mainly moves around Spain, his passion for photography has also led him to discover the beauty of different places around the world like Argentina, Chile, Tanzania and Vietnam.

He started with Canon SLR equipment but from a year now he has moved to digital discovering new possibilities and boosting this love for photography.

At present he is member of the Madrid Nature Photographers Association (FONAMAD) and His work and knowledge has been published both in internet ( and in national (National Geographic Viajes, Visión Salvaje, Integral) and international (PhotoArt Magazine, Unique Image Magazine (Taiwan)) magazines and books ("Vision Salvaje Fotografos 2006", "MONT, imatges de muntanya i natura", "Natura: Regards Créatifs sur la Nature"). His photographs have been shown in group exhibitions (Fonamad, AFOE, PortfolioNatural) and slideshows and have won several national and international photo contests.

About the photographs

All the photographs shown in this website has been created straight from the camera. They are not computer generated. When digital corrections or adjustments are made are always to convey what the author saw at the moment of making the photograph. No significant subject matter was added or removed digitally.


If you are interested in any of the photographs, please get in touch with author:

tlf: +34 639 56 53 49
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